Kristyan Mallett

Prosthetic artist and designer, Kristyan Mallett, has established himself in the film industry over a number of years and is one of the world’s leading professionals in the field. With a wealth of experience in film and TV, his credits include Artemis Fowl, Detective Pikachu, Mission Impossible 6, Justice League, Transformers, The Mummy, Legend, Black Mirror, The Theory of Everything, Les Miserables and many more.

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KM Effects Ltd

KM Effects Ltd is a well-established professional company and workshop using prosthetic sculpting, moulding and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effects including creatures, characters and gore for film and TV.

Since its inception, founder Kristyan Mallett and his team have worked on numerous feature films, TV series and advertising campaigns and gained a reputation for being creative and consistent.

Inspired by Directors and visual effect companies, Kristyan works closely with his team of extremely skilled craftspeople in order to maintain a high level of client satisfaction. In this age of digital technology, KM Effects Ltd is also committed to pushing the boundaries of the film industry and is constantly researching new technologies and materials in order to do this. They are happy to take on projects of all sizes and complexity and respond well to even the most difficult challenges.

What We Do

KM Effects Ltd offer a wide range of prosthetic items and services including concept designs, fake heads and bodies, full creature suits, character prosthetics, blood effect gags, fake animals and key props. We liaise closely with clients adopting a step-by-step approach to ensure good lines of communication and make sure all expectations are met.

We pride ourselves in exceptional service, a friendly attitude with a great outcome – no matter how tricky the requirements.

Need help or information?

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