Working safely and responsible during Covid-19 at KM Effects Ltd.

We feel very confident about returning to work and maintaining the governments guidelines to proceed with our work. We have no issue in adapting our working procedures to help get us all through to this ‘new normal’.


Our workshop is quite a large facility and so social distancing can and will be maintained to get the majority of work done, although some tasks are required where social distancing cannot take place so necessary procedures will be put in place to protect the artists and crew.

Our team will all required to wear PPE at all times and the workshop itself will be cleaned on a daily basis with a deep clean taking place regularly.

Sanitizer stations are allocated throughout the workshop, and we have created neutral drop off zones for exchange for interdepartmental work. We also have a delivery drop off zone where all deliveries will go through a cleansing and sanitizer check.

Any finished prosthetic and prop items will be cleansed, wrapped, boxed and sealed before going to set, in an ideal world prosthetic items will sit on the shelf for a week before being applied to the artist/actor. 

Any Visitors or outside contractors/service men would be expected to abide by our guidelines if on our premises as per usual. All visitors are to create an appointment if they must visit the workshop. We would strongly advise that if a virtual meeting can happen instead then this would be preferred.

All our employees are aware that at no point will they be allowed to work if they are ill and if any covid-19 symptoms are shown they will be expected to self-isolate for the time guided by the government’s guidelines.


  • The life cast of any artist will take place by three members of the team who will be in full PPE. (coveralls, mask and gloves)
  • The artist/actor, on arrival will be required to sign in, sanitize hands, and put on coveralls. (as per usual).
  • The life cast mould itself once taken off the artist/actor will need to be sprayed with IPA 99.9% before going to the next department.
  • If the artist/actor wants, they are welcome to have a shower after the life cast. (The shower will be disinfected prior to their arrival and clean towels will be provided as per usual).
  • When Leaving, the artist/actor would be required to sign out and sanitize hands before getting into their transport.
  • If the artist/actor does not want to go through the regular life casting procedure then a digital scan, clean-up and 3D print can be done. This would have to be decided before the artist’s/actor’s arrival as it has a large time and cost implication to production.


  • Each production will have their own set of guidelines which we will practice and follow. But all KM Effects crew will also be following ourown guidelines to keep other crew members, artists/actors and ourselves safe.
  • Any KM Effects crew onset would be required to have their kit clean and disinfected.
  • All brushes used will need to be allocated to one artist/actor and that one artist/actor only whilst on that production. These brushes will be cleaned thoroughly at the end of the onset day as per usual.
  • All glues, paints and solvents will be de-cantered into smaller containers from a new batch and again allocated to the one artist/actor only.
  • Hand sanitizer will be required to be used as often as needed.
  • All prosthetics to be cleaned with thinner and ipa prior to application once removed from sealed box.
  • Use of single-use disposable items like sponges, cotton buds to be used as much as possible.
  • Disposable gloves to be worn during application and removal of prosthetics.
  • Further PPE to be worn during application and onset following with productions own guidelines and standards. The necessary PPE will be supplied by production.
  • Social distancing and good hygiene to be maintained and practiced as much as possible onset.
  • Again, if any of the KM Effects crew remotely feels unwell or shows any symptoms of Covid-19 they would report to me and production asap. We will find a replacement KM Crew member to take their place. They would not be allowed to continue with any make up application or workshop work until they are through the isolation period (if covid-19 symptoms are shown).


Full Risk Assessment for Covid 19 will be carried out for each project and given to production, along with Method Statements and Risk Assessment as normal.