Detective Pikachu trailer 2 has arrived.

We are getting very excited here at KM Effects to see the new Detective Pikachu movie coming out this May! The Second trailer was released a couple of days ago. This film kept a team here of  30 very busy for 5 months making lots of Pokemon characters for the VFX team for scanning and lighting reference. We also made puppets and costumes so that the actors onset had some interaction with key characters. The full size sculpts ranged from something as small as a football to 8ft tall, huge fully furred suits that could be performed in. A very fun Job to be part off. Roll on May !!!

Nomination for Best Special make up effects in the 706 Guild Awards

We are delighted to have been nominated for Best Special make up effects in the 706 Guild Awards for our work in Electric dreams: Crazy Diamond. We had a lot of fun producing a few characters for the Electric Dreams series and are very proud to have got this pat on the back for our efforts.

Artemis Fowl first released image.

2018 Was a fantastic and very busy year for all of us here at KM Effects. The first half of the year we had a team of 100+ creating and applying prosthetics for Disneys new film Artemis Fowl, due for release in August 2019. Here is the first release image of Dame Judi Dench as Commander Root with her LEP team backing her up.


Artemis Fowl Teaser Trailer Released

This year found us at KM Effects having a a fantastic time creating characters, creatures and applying prosthetic make ups and for Kenneth Branagh's New Disney Picture Artemis Fowl. Due to come out August 2019 this movie is set to be a very exciting first instalment to what is a fantastic series of books by Eoin Colfer.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Watch the teaser below.




Detective Pikachu 1st official Trailer is here

Towards the end of 2017 we had the pleasure of being asked to be involved in this project. We worked very closely with everyone at MPC (VFX department) producing practical texture, lighting and scanning reference models not to mention puppets and costumes of many of the creatures and characters. Well done to the team for all the long hours and hardwork. The film looks like its going to be a lot of fun!

Check out the trailer.



Detective Pikachu Not too far away.

This is the very first tease of will be a very fun and colourful movie. We were very proud to be involved in this and cannot wait to see the final results of what was months of hard work. Bring on the trailer!!!