The Witches gets a title page

The Witches movie gets a title page and release period... the project will be out for Halloween 2020. Everyone here at KM Effects are eagerly awaiting the first trailer. Watch this space!!!

Disney's Artemis Fowl May 29th 2020

After a long wait we finally get to see the release of the second trailer for Disney's Artemis Fowl Movie. The Movie is due for release on May 29th 2020.

KM Effects had lots to do on this project. Having our own Prosthetics Department kept us incredibly busy but also supporting the other talented departments (Costume, VFX, and SFX with various other elements, designs, models and props). What an experience this picture was to be part of. Im sure Fans and Families will have a lot of fun.

Kangaroo Chronicles


Last Year we were asked to head over to Germany to create some Kangaroo VFX Lighting models and Puppets for the movie Kangaroo Chronicles. A rather unusual story of a guy and his kangaroo flatmate. The film is due to hit cinemas this year in Germany. Have a look at the trailer to see how well it all seemed to come together. Massive thanks to the production for having us onboard.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We have now wrapped up the workshop for this year. Thank you to all the clients, film productions, Make up designers, producers and directors that have used our services. It has been an incredible 2019 and we have had so much fun.

Look forward to seeing what 2020 has in store.

Have yourselves a wonderful Christmas everyone.

Lots of Love

Kristyan and team xxx


Venom 2

Venom 2 has started production at Leavesden Studios with Andy Serkis Directing and Tom Hardy back in the role of Eddie Brock/Venom. We are currently onboard building lots of practical items for the VFX Dept. We are also supplying Peter Sword Kings make up department with various prosthetics and background masks. Watch this space for updates of trailer when the film is due out for release.

Louis Wain

We are very lucky to get to work with Benedict Cumberbatch again. This time on period biopic Louis Wain. Kristyan has been designing the prosthetic looks for all the characters and the ageing that occurs with these characters over the story. Kristyan has been looking after the onset application of Benedicts prosthetics along with Benedict's Personal make up artist Donald McInnes. The wonderful Make up designer Vickie Lang overseeing the whole look. The workshop team has been flat out producing numerous prosthetics to cover the 9 week shoot, we cannot wait to see the the end result of everyones efforts.


The Witches

In the summer 2019 we here at KM effects had the pleasure of looking after the Prosthetics for all the witches in the New Robert Zemeckis adaptation. Kristyan looked after The Grand High Witch Played by Anne Hathaway whilst the rest of the KM Effects team along with Peter Sword Kings make up team looked after The other 49 Witches. Fun Times. Watch this space to see more updates.

A Boy Called Christmas

Full steam ahead working on the film adaptation Matt Haig's great Christmas tale, A boy called Christmas. Team Km Effects in Prague at the moment looking after hero cast and hundreds of background cast members. Will be posting updates as and when film images are released.


A few weeks ago Kristyan our company director paid a visit to Delamar Make up Academy. Kristyan showcased his application techniques and shared some tips and tricks on creating a movie make up. Whilst there he spent a few hours answering questions and sharing stories from onset and the workshop.

Over the years Kristyan has employed many graduates straight from Colleges and Universities who have gone on to have amazing careers, some of which are still part of the KM Effects Family.

Mother Father Son hits the BBC

Last year we were hired to produce all the make up effects for Mother Father Son. This is now being broadcasted and you can see this on Wednesday nights on BBC 2 at 9pm.

We produced prosthetics for the character 'Caden' played by the wonderful Billy Howle. The prosthetics were to show the various stages of pre, mid and post neurological proceedures that 'Caden' endures. This was our last partnership with Marella Shearer who was the make up designer for the show. Marella sadly passed away in September 2018. We miss you very much Marella... you were an incredible presence to be around