A few weeks ago Kristyan our company director paid a visit to Delamar Make up Academy. Kristyan showcased his application techniques and shared some tips and tricks on creating a movie make up. Whilst there he spent a few hours answering questions and sharing stories from onset and the workshop.

Over the years Kristyan has employed many graduates straight from Colleges and Universities who have gone on to have amazing careers, some of which are still part of the KM Effects Family.

Mother Father Son hits the BBC

Last year we were hired to produce all the make up effects for Mother Father Son. This is now being broadcasted and you can see this on Wednesday nights on BBC 2 at 9pm.

We produced prosthetics for the character 'Caden' played by the wonderful Billy Howle. The prosthetics were to show the various stages of pre, mid and post neurological proceedures that 'Caden' endures. This was our last partnership with Marella Shearer who was the make up designer for the show. Marella sadly passed away in September 2018. We miss you very much Marella... you were an incredible presence to be around



Detective Pikachu trailer 2 has arrived.

We are getting very excited here at KM Effects to see the new Detective Pikachu movie coming out this May! The Second trailer was released a couple of days ago. This film kept a team here of  30 very busy for 5 months making lots of Pokemon characters for the VFX team for scanning and lighting reference. We also made puppets and costumes so that the actors onset had some interaction with key characters. The full size sculpts ranged from something as small as a football to 8ft tall, huge fully furred suits that could be performed in. A very fun Job to be part off. Roll on May !!!