New Website

Hello and welcome to We will be posting news and updates on our current projects, we will also be sharing on here some of the behind the scenes build processes and techniques of past projects. Stay tuned for regular updates on everything happening at KM Effects. We Also update regularly on Instagram and Facebook, we also use these platforms to advertise for work opportunities within the company so be sure to follow us (@Kmeffectsltd) and keep a look out.

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Kristyan Mallett

Behind The Scenes

Here we will share with you some of the processes that go into creating some of our projects, This will include, designs, sculpts, moulds, art and finishing and application.


Coming Soon

KM Effects Ltd is always keeping busy and we pride ourselves in the work we do on these projects. We will keep you up to date in what we are involved in so you can look out for our work.

Current Projects

We are often busy at KM Effects and we will keep you all up to date with what we are involved with, However we won't be able to share any details or images. But at least you know what we are currently doing just incase you want to get in touch for any work related jobs.

Latest News

We will keep you posted here with all the latest developments at the workshop of KM Effects Ltd.

Studio Hire

We have a large workshop and even though we are often busy we do hire out space for make up artists who want to test looks, or use meeting facilities. The workshop is also available to use, however NDA's would be required to sign and only experienced people can use these spaces.

Product Hire

We have many products available to purchase but we also rent out a bodies, babies, bellies, muscle suits, severed body parts, and Animals. We will update here as we add new items to our catalogue.


We will be keeping you updated with shows that are currently being broadcast so you can keep a look out for our work, we will also be showing some Behind the Scenes images of our work... so stay tuned!!

Education and Courses

We often teach at various schools and make up academies around the country. We also occasionally do sculpting, moulding, painting, and make up courses here at the KM Effects Studio. We will always post on here what and where we will be teaching, if you are interested please don't hesitate to get on our mailing list. Just email the office with your details.

Baby finds a new home

We manufacture various rubber babies in all sizes, ages, colours and genders for use in film and tv. This little one here is heading off to Turkey to be used as a standin for the real baby onset.  "So long little lady... enjoy your 15 minutes of fame"!!


Please click on full frame to see the whole image.